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Be wary of chemical exposure. Exposure to chemicals (for example, if you’re working with cleaning chemicals) will corrode metals and discolor most materials.

Know your watch’s waterproof rating. If you don’t know your watch’s rating and you take your watch deeper than it can handle, you’ll damage it for life.

Store your watch mindfully. Instead of lightly throwing it on your nightstand before you go to bed, place it on some material or, better still, the box it came in.

Look up your warranty details. If something does happen to your watch, keep your warranty in mind. Omega has a generous 5-year warranty.

What products to use on your Omega watch?

When it comes to cleaning your Omega watch, do not use any harsh chemicals like detergents, solvents, or perfumes, as this could damage your watch.

As mentioned above, some warm soapy water is all your watch needs when it comes to cleaning. Using natural soap products with limited chemicals is the best option for your cleaning.

Servicing Your Omega Watch

Servicing does not need to be accomplished too often, every 3-5 years should be enough, but if you find any problems, it’s always worth booking in an early service appointment with Margi Brothers in Downtown Los Angeles.

Services should always be carried out by a professional or certified watch repair crafts person.  Never attempt to service your watch at home. Servicing on your Omega watch involves taking your watch apart completely and making sure all of the mechanics are in good working order and cleaned. Bringing your watch to a Margi Brothers Omega servicing center is what we recommend.

By following all these tips, you will ensure your Omega watch stays in excellent condition for a longer period of time. This makes the watch a much better investment for the long term and allows the watch to be a perfect addition to your watch collection.

Omega Watch Repair Service Downtown Los Angeles
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