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Citizen Watch Repair

Do Citizen Eco Drive watches need servicing?

Clearly the answer is yes, but your watch needs to be serviced by an authorized watch repair service such as Margi Brothers located in Downtown Los Angeles. Margi Brothers will also provide,  maintenance items  (e.g. replacing caseback and button gaskets) when needed. Your watch will run forever if you treat it right.

Caring for Your Watch

Wipe any dirt or moisture such as perspiration from the case and crystal with a soft cloth. For metallic, plastic or synthetic rubber (polyurethane) band, clean it with soap and a soft toothbrush. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the band after cleaning to remove any soap residue.

Keep your watch in a box or case when it is not on your wrist.


citizen watch repair la


What is the proper way to care for the watch band?

Metal watch bands will retain their beauty for a long time if proper care is exercised; however, occasional cleaning may be necessary as dust and dirt

accumulate from everyday wear. To clean, first remove the metal bracelet from the watch, then use a soft brush and warm soapy water to clean the bracelet.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse the metal bracelet with clear water and completely dry it before reinstalling it on your watch. If the bracelet cannot be removed

easily from your Citizen watch and your model is classified as a 50-meter (or higher) water resistant model and has been properly maintained, you may wash the

bracelet without removing it. If your timepiece is classified as less than 50-meter water resistant, or is not a water resistant model, we suggest you

take your watch to Margi Brothers  who is your authorized Citizen Service Center in downtown Los Angeles for professional cleaning of the exterior.

Leather bands are more susceptible to damage and premature wear from moisture than a metal bracelet. A leather band may be damaged or exhibit accelerated wear if moisture or perspiration is allowed to remain on or saturate the band. Wipe both the inside and outside of your strap daily with a soft dry cloth

to remove collected contaminants. If your strap becomes saturated with moisture either from water or perspiration, be sure to allow the strap to completely

dry before wearing the watch again. You should also inspect the buckle and pin connections to ensure the moisture has not loosened any connections on the

strap that could result in loss of your timepiece.

Rubber watch straps are sensitive to perspiration, salt water, and oil, which are easily absorbed and can cause the strap to crack and then break – so,

periodic cleaning is recommended. Using an old soft toothbrush and a mild dish detergent and water, thoroughly cleanse the inside and outside of the strap.

Completely rinse off any soap residue and then thoroughly dry the strap. If you expose your strap to salt water, be sure to rinse it with clear water as

soon as possible. A rubber protectant may also be used to keep the strap pliable and extend lifespan.

If you have any questions about your Citizen watch, contact Margi brothers for additional information.

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